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Healthy Summer Recipes That Use Bread

Healthy Summer Snacks That Have Bread

Summer has arrived and it is the perfect time to start eating healthier. Our bodies tend to naturally crave more fresh fruit and healthier snacks in the summertime. Use this to your advantage and prepare a healthy summer snack. Today we´ll share two nourishing recipes that will satisfy your appetite and your taste buds.

2 Tasty and Nourishing Summer Recipes

  • Summer Salad. Wash and cut up a few leaves of Italian lettuce and mix in some avocado squares and thick tomato wedges. Add some orange wedges aswell. Then sprinkle some shredded chicken breast and add a splash of lemon and salt or some of your favorite ranch dressing. Mix everything in and top off your salad with some homemade croutons (recipe here) and enjoy!

  • Basil and tomato sandwich. If you're looking for something you can grab and go but is still delicious and healthy then this is the ideal breakfast or lunch. Take two slices of your preferred Great Harvest Bread Loaf. Grab one of the slices of bread and add a layer of panela cheese, then a layer of thin tomato slices, top off with basil leaves, then add some more tomato slices and one more layer of cheese. Place the other bread slice on top and brush the outside of the bread with some light olive oil. Slightly grill the sandwich and you have a quick, healthy and appetizing summer sandwich.

Taste the Best Sandwiches and Bread in Henderson

Be sure to buy the healthiest bread and experiment with a variety of summer snacks. For the best snacks, you can never go wrong withGreat Harvest Bread . On those days that you need a break from the kitchen, stop by and try our incredible mouthwatering sandwiches. Contact us now at or drop by today.

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